Welcome Liwi to your Android planet

You might have hoarded your Android device with a lot of apps. Some may have served to be useful while the others have not. Well, there is an app which occupies around 28 MB space on your phone while itself being capable of transferring gigabytes of data in the blink of an eye.

Liwi enables seamless file transfer across devices without the use of the internet. It is available on Android,Windows and Mac. Welcome it to your Android planet and make your work easier and faster. You can use it even when your phone is on flight mode.

One could recommend the option of sharing files via USB cable, but why take the hassle of looking for the cable, adjusting it to the two devices and so on, when we can simply skip all the trouble by downloading an application?

Liwi does not have any advertisements in between and it is even possible totransfer the app from one device to another via Bluetooth. It even has a broadcast feature so that you may share huge files with a lot of people. It serves to be very useful when the file sizes are huge and (/or) there is a time constraint.

You can carry it even while traveling. Liwi makes your leisure longer and work easier. So, what you can do with this app is transfer files across your phone, tablet and personal computer. It’s just a click away. What are you waiting for? Download Liwi App on Android now, so that you can carry in your pocket a lot of stuff and save immense space.

You can follow Liwi on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn to stay updated about its latest developments.

Photo via Visualhunt.com


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