Liwi works on Flight Mode too

Liwi enables seamless file transfer across devices without the use of the internet, so much so that you can use it even when your device is on flight mode. It is available on Android, Windows and Mac. It does not have any in-app advertisements either.

One could recommend the option of sharing files via USB cable, but why take the hassle of looking for the cable, adjusting it to the two devices and so on, when we can simply skip all the trouble by downloading an application? Suppose you do not have internet data. You can transfer the application via Bluetooth.

Follow these steps to share files even on flight mode.

  1. Select the Liwi Direct option.

2. Either choose to Create Group from one Mobile or Join Group from another Laptop. Selecting Create Group means that you are creating a fresh group for file transfer, while Join Group indicates joining an already existing group for file sharing.

Group meghna_liwi64b from the device which is sending.

3. Ask your friend(s) to join the group from available networks if you have created one.

Group meghna_liwi64b from the device which is receiving.

4. Select the file(s) to be transferred. After having selected, tap Next on the screen and select the contacts with whom you want share the file(s).

5. Ask your friend(s) to accept and download the file(s).

Make your leisure longer with Liwi. Have it in your pocket and travel places without the hassle of WiFi, internet or cables.

You can follow Liwi on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn to stay updated about its latest developments.

Photo credit: Ed Yourdon via VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-SA


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