4 Ways Liwi can Improve Your Weekend

Weekends are the time in the entire week when you get to have leisure so that you may have time to spend with your friends and family. You may go traveling, visit your relatives, watch movies or theater. However, we at Liwi are always trying to improvise new ways for our customers and can recommend four ways in which this app can improve your weekend.

  1. Less work pressure

Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? We know that only when you are free from the burden of work, can you enjoy your weekend well. This is why we have come up with the broadcast feature so that you do not have to waste your precious time transferring the same files to several devices. You can simply send files to all by clicking a few options.

2. Sing and dance

Some of you or your friends may sing or dance well. Or you may want to record a few joyous moments at a weekend concert and share the document with others. With Liwi, no matter how long the recording is, you can share it with your friends in the blink of an eye! Explore the musician or the dancer in you by using Liwi to the fullest. You can then share the recorded files across devices.

3. Spend time with friends and family

Liwi serves many benefits and the best part is that you can just slide your phone in your pocket so that you carry with you the app wherever you go. Enjoy life to the fullest. Party hard and let your hair down because you can always rely on Liwi to do your work faster. So, the next time you want to record the festivity around a bonfire, do not forget to keep this app handy. This way you can instantly share the recordings with your friends.

4. Travel

Liwi is a free service which lets you transfer files across devices and platforms such as Android, Windows and Mac without using the internet. Now imagine going to a remote hill station where you hardly have any internet connection. How would you share all your files with your friends? How would you capture all the moments when your musically inclined friend strums the guitar during the bonfire? Capture the moments on one device and seamlessly transfer them to your friends immediately.

Not only does Liwi let you share files, but it also lets you transfer the app to another device via Bluetooth. So, next time your phone space is low or your laptop is running the risk of malware, just keep Liwi on the go.

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