Our Top Five Favorite Customers

Photo credit: afagen via VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-SA

Any invention is said to be successful only when it is of use to people who use it. If science is not useful to the community at large, then it is pretty futile an exercise altogether. At Liwi, we strive for the satisfaction of customers. We are constantly updating the app and adding new changes. Liwi does not have in-app adverts and already facilitates sharing the app via Bluetooth.

Here are our top five customers and their thoughts on Liwi enlisted in no particular order.

  1. Harshath JR

Best app to transfer from Android to Mac This app is amazing to transfer files like photos from a trip from the phone to your computer, or to a friend’s phone or computer. I’ve often felt intense frustration when trying to connect my android to my Mac — this app makes it super easy and hassle free! And the best part? All this happens over your local wifi (no internet required!), and at lightning fast speed. 5 stars!!!

2. Sindhu Gopi

Much faster and easier than AirDroid. Very simple to transfer files from Android to Windows laptop. Worth a try!

3. Charu Singh

Quick file transfer and easy to use … Had a superb experience of sharing 40 MB data with an eye blink ..

4. Manish Kumar

Amazing Faster!! Very Faster app for file transfer. Best one from other application also send all types of files like audio,video,picture,text,pdf.. Etc

5. Aish Sashwat

5 star file sharing app I used it to transfer files to laptop. It paired automatically with laptop. And transferred file really fast. This app is much better than shareit, xender.

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