India vs Pakistan — Who will Win

In what seems to be the biggest match in sports, Edgbaston will see today the ICC Champion’s Trophy 2017 match between India and Pakistan like never before. Undoubtedly, a lot more than just victory will be at stake tomorrow as Men in Blue play against their arch-rivals.

Millions of people in both the nation states are pinning hopes on their revered cricketers. While these men take on to the field, so many will be praying and hoping that their country wins. The match is definitely one between equals.

With the win in a match against India Pakistan showed India the exit door in the Asia Cup 2014. In ICC World Cup 2015, India maintained their unbeaten record (6–0) against Pakistan in World Cups. Similarly, in ICC Champion’s Trophy, 2013, India chased down the target of 102 in 22 overs (D/L Method) against Pakistan within 19.1 overs to stay unbeaten in the tournament. Keeping these bitter-sweet memories in mind, both the countries can only hope to witness a tension-packed atmosphere in this match as well.

This match takes us on a nostalgic trip down the memory lane. The first Champions Trophy encounter between India and Pakistan was played at Edgbaston in 2004, which is also the venue of this year’s contest.

The craze and fanaticism over matches between India and Pakistan have always yielded positive results. Now that the BCCI has found itself totally cornered over the International Cricket Council’s new global revenue share model, the Indian government’s decision to stop bilateral ties could turn out to be a tactical blunder.

“It’s not just a game of cricket, it’s a lot more than that.” This statement by former Pakistan captain Asif Iqbal holds good when it comes to the very crucial match to be held today.

Featured Photo credit: via VisualHunt / CC BY


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