The Benefits of Leisure

Modernity has brought us to a juncture where we are all lonely. Each person is like an island trapped within themselves. We are all connected to each other by so many social media networks but is that all? Are we losing our quality time with near and dear to the internet and social media platforms? That could be the greatest tragedy of modern life.

Not everything about modernity is tragic. It has gifted us with technology that lets us complete our work pretty soon so that we may devote more time to friends and family. Liwi is one such application which is available across Android, Windows and Mac. It decreases the time taken to transfer files to a huge extent. There is no need of internet while transferring files across devices.

One can even transfer the Liwi app via Bluetooth. Not only does it save time, but it also saves you the hassle of connecting devices to a USB cable and so on. You deserve leisure time after a hard day’s work and that is what Liwi serves you. It serves you the freedom to have leisure.

Liwi App- Transfer Large Files Without Internet

Do not let work take away most of the time of your day. You have the right to leisure and you must claim it. Leisure lowers stress and depression. Mental wellness is an important part of your overall health and can impact your physical well-being. Participating in recreation activities can help you manage stress and reduce depression.

Imagine you do not have the internet and you have got to share some very important files with colleagues. You can simply share them via the broadcast feature on Liwi instead of wasting your time while waiting for the internet connection to come back. This application does not even have any in-app ads. What better way can there be to share the recordings of the most precious moments with your close ones? Skip the trouble of going through multiple complicated steps while file transfer with Liwi. Carry it even whiletraveling — the best way to use your leisure.

You can follow Liwi on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to stay updated about its latest developments.

Photo via Visual hunt


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